Know the laws concerning wildlife


Carolina Fur Dressing “CFD” will accept no illegally taken or illegally possessed wildlife part, be it hide, horn, antler or bones. CFD has an “open door policy” with any state or federal wildlife agency or officer. We have nothing to hide and are willing to turn over any file or record showing where any particular hide was shipped from, provided the agency ask to see records regarding a particular animal part being processed at CFD. It is the responsibility of the shipper or taxidermist to know the game laws of the state where the animal was harvested and insure any wildlife tag required to be attached to the part is still affixed before it is shipped to CFD.

Shipping Instructions

Shipping Instructions



    • Always include your company name with full address and phone number on the packing slip.
    • Put full business name and address on each package shipped.
    • Always include a list of items and number of each item that were shipped in all of the boxes.


    • Do not throw a list in the box with raw skins, where it will get grease and blood saturated and will therefore be unreadable. Enclose it in a small plastic bag (if put inside the box) or tape an envelope to outside of box with list in the envelope.
    • Always list the total number of boxes in each shipment.
    • If more than one box is shipped, always mark on the box which number box it is of the total number shipped. (EXAMPLE: If six boxes were shipped, on first box write “1 of 6;” on next box write “2 of 6;” next box write “3 of 6;” etc. up to “6 of 6.”) This lets us know how many were shipped, and if one is not delivered that day, we will know which one is missing and will take proper steps to locate it.
    • Always use only one of our packing lists per shipment. Never put a list in every box in the same shipment. Always send one list per shipment with all the skins listed on that one sheet, and the total number of boxes listed on that one sheet.


  • Never have your hunter or customer ship directly to us, nor ask us to ship back to your customer. We must receive from you and ship back to you. Neither can we invoice your customer for the shipment.
  • Never attach staples, nails, wires, or plastic coated wires to the skins. We will remove all tags (with the exception to tags on ear butts) in order to shave every square inch of the skin. If you must tag the skins during the drying process to keep them identified, use string or plastic electrical wire-ties. These will also be removed once we process the skins. So once you punch your hides for your identification, we would appreciate it if you would remove all tags.
  • All orders are to be shipped freight prepaid to Carolina Fur Dressing.


Many of our clients who receive international shipments choose to have them consigned directly to Carolina Fur Dressing. This takes un- necessary time and paperwork off the taxidermist and gives us the responsibility of clearing the shipment through the proper govern- ment agencies. Should anyone have a hunter traveling abroad, our broker has an informational packet concerning foreign shipments they will gladly mail out upon request.

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