A brief history of Carolina Fur Dressing

Carolina fur Dressing was founded in 1980 by Rick Morgan after he employed Sinclair Clark for a 3 year period to help locate equipment, and set up a tannery for his taxidermy business.

Prior to that Rick was owner of Taxidermy International during the late 1970’s and 80’s. He and his shop worked exclusively on large mammal taxidermy for clients across the U.S. During his stint as owner/taxidermist, Rick worked on a vast collection of animals. Just a partial list of animals completed by he and his shop over a 10 year period were 5 bull elephants (Sudan and Zimbabwe), some of  the last trophies to come from Kenya, (bongos, giant elands, Nile lechwe, yellowback duiker, kobs, etc. etc)  a multitude of trophies from Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Sudan. He also completed numerous Alaskan trophies such as brown and grizzly bears, sheep, moose and caribou plus all species of North American sheep, and numerous western game including elk, pronghorn, mule deer and the like. This extensive knowledge of taxidermy prepared him to start and still today operate one of the largest taxidermy tanneries in the U.S with a reputation of doing top quality work with and honesty and integrity.

The tannery was started out of necessity when his capes and hides were taking 9-10 months to complete from a west coast tannery. What started out in 1980 as a small tannery in a downtown Raleigh warehouse has grown to a 6.5 acre site with 51,000 square feet of production floor.

Carolina Fur Dressing through 2015 was soley owned by Rick and Marsha Morgan and now Jeremy Morgan shares ownership in this family run business. All three continue to work there daily to insure the quality and high standards that Carolina Fur Dressing customers have come to expect over the last 36 years.

36 years of tanning success is no accident

In this day and time with computers, do it yourself websites, and free information about virtually anything on the internet, any single person or small company in a garage or shed can try and project a false image of being knowledgeable and experienced in any field without having the credentials to actually give advice or take in work from trusting customers who believe what they have read on the net.

Carolina Fur Dressing’s 36 years of tanning success is no accident…it is the result of an owner with experience and knowledge of mammal taxidermy and an owner/family that actually works everyday and oversees all departments. It is the result of a good core group work force that appreciates the opportunity to work and grow in such a unique business. It takes a physical plant with plenty of space and equipment to handle the volumes and different types of hides entrusted to us every year.

This web page shows several photos of work areas at Carolina Fur Dressing. We hope by viewing our new website, and these photos, one can tell we are serious and dedicated to our family run/owned business and serious about continuing to service our customer base from coast to coast.

Warehouse and bulk chemical storage.

One of two wet tan storage freezers.

Wet room area.

More wet processing area.

Wet Drums.

Dry tumblers and cages.

Sorting and shipping.

Wastewater treatment.

Skins being checked in